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Meet the blogger who says “Hey, parents! STFU!”

Blair Koenig is not the enemy, parents. Sure, she's been portrayed in certain whipped-up media venues as everything from "mommies' worst nightmare" to one of the scolding "sancti-childless." Earlier this week, "Good Morning America" helpfully introduced her as a "childless blogger" who has "a lot of moms and dads up in arms." And it's true, she does provocatively declare on her site that "You used to be fun. Now you have a baby."

Yet Koenig, in reality, is an eminently reasonable, very funny thirtysomething Brooklynite whose STFU, Parents happens to sum up the exasperation that plenty of us – the child-free and breeders alike – feel when dealing with the parental self-righteousness and oversharing that permeates our social media feeds.

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