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McConnell planned to attack Judd as “emotionally unbalanced”

Secret audio tapes obtained by Mother Jones' David Corn reveal that Mitch McConnell and his team discussed using actress Ashley Judd's childhood thoughts of suicide against her were she to mount a challenge to the Senate Minority Leader. Judd recently decided to forgo a run, but before she did, McConnell sat down with top staffers to discuss their strategy to fight her.

In addition to portraying her as a Hollywood liberal, the team suggested using her well-known struggles with depression against her, and essentially planned to portray her as an anti-American weirdo. "This sounds extreme, but she is emotionally unbalanced," the aide leading the meeting told McConnell.

In her 2011 memoir, Judd discussed her past bouts with depression, which included a brief hospitalization and the revelation that she had had thoughts of suicide -- in 6th grade. As they went through the material, McConnell's staff laughed heartily at several occasions and mocked Judd's comment about the culture shock she feels upon returning the U.S. after a stint abroad.

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