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Marco Rubio on separation of church and state: God “doesn’t need our permission to be anywhere”

Marco Rubio over the weekend delivered the keynote address at a fundraising event for the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative organization that promotes so-called "ex-gay" conversion therapy and believes that gay parents are a "threat" to their children, among other odious views.

But the organization isn't exclusively focused on stripping LGBT people of their basic rights (though they are still veryfocused on doing those things), it also has a broader political agenda that includes abolishing reproductive rights and teaching creationist pseudo-science in public schools.

Rubio, who must have felt plenty at ease among his ideological cohorts, used his address to explain why the separation of church and state is not even worth debating because "God is everywhere" and "doesn't need our permission to be anywhere."

You can watch his remarks here:

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