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Lululemon thinks your thighs are too rough

Not all bodies are created alike. Not all clothing lines are meant for every shape. The world is made up of J. Crew bodies and Kohl's bodies and that's okay. Everyone who's ever tried on jeans knows this. But when arrogantly philosophical stretchy pants brand Lululemon's founder Chip Wilson tried to explain a recent product failure, he did so in a manner that suggested his company's "live in the moment" maxim isn't such a hot idea when answering journalists.

Earlier this year, the once billion dollar brand, long famed for its magical, butt-flattering $98 pants, came under fire after customers complained the merchandise was too sheer. At the time, Lululemon said that the pants "didn’t meet our high standards" regarding coverage and issued a recall and a refund offer to unhappy patrons. It was a decision that affected 17% of its product stock and may ultimately cost the company $67 million. It also threw an unflattering spotlight on the brand's crunchy, wholesome, "sustainable" image, reminding customers that those Sunday morning vinyasa class clothes are made halfway around the world. And its "standards" claim seems questionable after its Taiwan supplier fought back against the charge and insisted, "All the pants were manufactured according to the requirements set out in the contract with Lululemon."

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