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Love isn’t dead. Here’s proof

It's Valentine's Day, everyone. If you're like me, you are wondering what there could possibly be to celebrate in an era when the Internet has killed courtship and Taylor Swift is seemingly incapable of finding the one.

Oh, I jest. People still go on dates and T-Swizzle is 23 years old and figuring stuff out, so please everyone just get off her back, okay?

Love isn't dead. It's actually kind of everywhere. It's fleeting. It disappears only to show up again later. It doesn't always look the way we thought it would. And it often involves a lot of heartbreak and frustration. But it happens, and it's real.

Just to prove it to you, I've compiled a list of couples that remind us all that romance takes many shapes and forms over a lifetime. So kick back, crack open a box of Russell Stovers and come on this love journey with me. And feel free to tell me in the comments which couples inspire you.

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