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Liveblogging the iPhone 5S event from my busted iPhone 4S

My Sad, Broken iPhone 4S

Dan Nosowitz

I am typing this on an old decrepit iPhone.

greetings! I'm live blogging today's iPhone event, at which we're expecting to see at least one new iPhone, from my old iPhone 4S, which is moderately broken. There's a hairline crack on the left side of the screen, which is unsightly and also sometimes makes it hard to select things on that side. The back is pretty much shattered, which is a recent development. (I put the iPhone on the armrest of my couch and the. N kicked it off while napping, like a dog having dreams about chasing squirrels except I think that day I literally had a dream in which I bought too many radishes (???).)

12:15: haha omg HTML is SUCH A BITCH to use on an iPhone. This is going to be slow as hell. Also my phone is already VERY hot from the effort of just setting up this post.

12:18: the cracks on the back of the phone are shedding small shards of glass into my palm.

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