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Linda Thompson: Good art can’t be depressing!

Unlike its American counterpart, the British folk scene of the middle and late sixties was noteworthy for its profusion of great female voices: Sandy Denny, Maddy Prior, Shirley Collins, Jacqui McShee. Indeed, English folk seemed to prize the voices of its women, and to erect fewer barriers to their greatness than was the case on this side of the Atlantic.

And yet of the great voices of early British folk, Linda Thompson’s is the one that has most endured. Notwithstanding a grueling struggle with dysphonia that has slowed her output, she has just released the third album, "Won’t Be Long Now" (on Pettifer Sounds) since her return to performing in 2002, and it brims with the same heartache, good humor and wisdom that has always characterized her work, but with an added measure of yearning and human wisdom that adheres to singers who have come back from significant reversals.

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