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Let’s kill the Emmys!

For all that we can agree (can't we?) that television is in an ongoing golden age as the movies get dumber and dumber, the Emmys aren't quite the Oscars.

Though some years the field is full of $100 million grossers and some years it's mainly indies, the Academy Awards ceremony each February effectively stops traffic (or, for bloggers, drives traffic) for months in advance. But while TV has taken over the water-cooler throne from film, will anyone be handicapping the Lena-vs.-Tina battle in best actress in a comedy the way people held their breath for Jennifer Lawrence? Will anything host Neil Patrick Harris does drive the insane Twitter frenzy Seth MacFarlane did last February? And will the show manage to boost its ratings after years of hovering around 13 million viewers -- respectable enough, but not close to the Oscars on their worst year?

The Emmys have actually improved by letting in, one by one, HBO, basic cable, non-HBO pay-cable networks and now Netflix, but they're stymied by the fact that the vast breadth of programming out there makes it impossible for any non-TV critic to catch up on all the nominees. "You can imagine how easy it might've been 15 years ago when it was just network TV," said television critic Roger Catlin. "There were four networks and PBS and they could find five shows everyone's seen."

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