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Let Fallon Fox fight

Fallon Fox is 5-foot-7, 144 pounds and totally, utterly ripped. She is a mixed martial artist who goes by "The Queen of Swords" while in the ring. She kicks asses, often quite literally, for a living. In her most recent MMA match, she KO'd Erika "Pitbull" Newsome in 0.39 seconds flat with a knee to the face. After a quick succession of wins, she has her sights set on entering the women's Ultimate Fighting Championship.

She also happens to be transgender.

Fox was born a man, but came out as trans 10 years ago by telling her parents that she was born in the wrong body. Their response was to inform her that she wasn't transgender, only a "confused" gay man, an assessment that landed her in so-called gay conversion therapy. When the sessions ended, Fallon ceased contact with her parents and began hormone treatments. She started her transition to live as a woman a decade ago. Soon after, she had gender reassignment surgery.

In her mind, in her body -- and in the ring with her opponents -- Fox is a woman. An insanely strong, ass-kicking, ultimate-fighting woman.

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