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Leaked job listing: Ashton Kutcher recruiting Ivy Leaguers for tech company

Ashton Kutcher isn't letting the delay of his Steve Jobs flick keep him down -- he's staffing up an unnamed tech company with Ivy League English majors who share "[c]reativity and taste for aesthetic beauty."

A member of a Columbia University undergraduate English major listserv passes along a recruitment email that doesn't mince words. "Ashton Kutcher is looking for a writer to join a small team of designers and engineers who are cofounding a consumer-oriented technology company."

That writer will end up writing "daily creative pieces that will form a core part of the product" as well as screening "a larger editorial team." The email on behalf of Kutcher's start-up is very optimistic: "Your writing will be a centerpiece of the company?s product [sic] and will reach millions of people."

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