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Last night’s “SNL” was a win … for “Scandal”

This weekend, Kerry Washington, star of the hit drama "Scandal," hosted "Saturday Night Live." Prior to this Saturday's episode, many journalists and culture critics used Washington's upcoming appearance as an opportunity to drill down on "SNL's" much-reported lack of diversity. I have very little to add on that score except to say that I always looked forward to Kenan Thompson's Whoopi Goldberg impression no matter what it signaled.

Now that Washington's episode has aired, some are saying that -- although funny -- the show did not excuse the fact that "SNL" does not boast a single black, female cast member. The opening skit did, in fact, make light of "SNL's" race controversy and suggested that Lorne Michaels and co. will address the problem at their leisure or, quite possibly, not at all. It was punctuated by a cameo from Al Sharpton who pretty much affirmed that this sketch -- and by extension, the remaining minutes of the broadcast -- was not intended to rectify jack.

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