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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s depressing sex show on “Saturday Night Live”

Given that Lady Gaga was once considered the most important pop star on earth, her apparent decision to follow Miley Cyrus's lead is somewhat dispiriting.

While performing as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live," Lady Gaga did an inept duet with R. Kelly, the sort of performance that exists solely to get people talking and generate articles like this one by dint of its self-conscious bid for "controversy." Gaga caterwauled her current single "Do What U Want," alone onstage at first, grabbing her crotch after she sang "Do what you want / What you want with my body / Do what you want / Don't stop, let's party." When R. Kelly joined her onstage, Gaga jumped onto his shoulder in a prone position; she then bent over fully as R. Kelly touched her posterior, then the two simulated sex onstage, with Gaga lying on the ground as R. Kelly did pushups over her.

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