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Kristen Wiig returns to “SNL”: Her 5 best sketches

Kristen Wiig is back on "Saturday Night Live!" Sure, it was just for one night; but what a night it was. From the classics we know and love ("The Californians" got good again!) to some previously uncharted territory (Tarantino-levels of blood played for laughs!), a look at the very best sketches from last night.

Happy Mother's Day

What do you get for the mother who subtly undermines your life choices and talks to you about watching porn with your dad? Flowers, apparently.

The Californians

This sketch, once a favorite, has fallen flat in Wiig's absence. But with Wiig back in the driver's seat (on the 101, to the PCH, to Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande) everything is OK again.

Lawrence Welk

An ode to summer from ol' Dooneese.

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