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Ken Cuccinelli’s creepy Hillary Clinton bashing

Embattled Virginia gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is complaining that Democrats are wrongly painting him as an enemy of women’s progress. “We need you all to defeat those lies,” he told his supporters Tuesday, adding “especially the ladies in here.” There’s a 24-point gender gap in the latest Washington Post poll, with women overwhelmingly favoring Terry McAuliffe, so Cuccinelli’s pushback is predictable, if a little late.

And futile. This is the guy who supports personhood legislation, which would criminalize some forms of birth control, and opposes emergency contraception for rape victims and rape or incest exceptions to an abortion ban. He was one of three state attorneys general who didn’t support reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Last weekend he invited Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul to come plagiarize the Wikipedia entry on “Gattaca” in order to equate abortion with euthanasia. That ought to win over “the ladies.”

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