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Keep your baby off Twitter!

"When do you become a brand?" asks Darren Rovell in a Wednesday trend story for New York. "Some people say it's for people who achieved something. I would argue that in some sense you become a brand the second you're born." As someone who has lived four decades and is fully confident she still doesn't qualify as a "brand," I would argue, whaaaa? But Rovell, an ESPN sports business reporter, ABC News correspondent and NY mag-described "media elite," clearly knows about branding. And so does his 18 month-old daughter.

Along with a handful of other self-aware, social media-savvy public figures, Rovell has already begun managing his child's online persona. "Before I announced her name to the select people — before maybe it could get out — I locked down her name at Gmail, her dot-com, her Twitter handle," he explains warmly. "It was just an intellectual capital investment." It's a sentiment ABC Nightline anchor Dan Abrams echoes. "At first we thought it would be nice for him to own the URL for his name and his Twitter handle," he says of his one year-old's account. "Then we got carried away and started tweeting sometimes inane stuff including at other babies." And two week-old Harper, the daughter of journalists Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk, already has over 6,000 Twitter followers tracking her defecatory habits. (Sample post: "Pooped AND pee'd on Dr's changing table. Everyone laughed. Will have to try that again tmrw at home.").

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