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Kartheiser: “I’ve never been recognized”

Vincent Kartheiser, who plays the smarmy Pete Campbell on "Mad Men," was in quite a mood a few Saturdays ago. As he told Vulture, "I wasn’t in a good mood this morning. I was so depressed. Because it’s fucking Saturday and I’ve worked every day this week," and there he was working again, talking to journalist after journalist about the new season of "Mad Men," which begins tonight. Katheiser's displeasure was apparent when I got on the phone with him: I was greeted by the least energetic, most monotone "Hello" I've ever heard.

But Kartheiser warmed up a bit from there as he spoke about the new season, Pete's happiness and his hairline — just don't get him started about the Emmys.

Do you feel like Pete could ever just be happy?

Well, I think he’s had the revelation of having a malcontent personality disorder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can change it. I don’t know if he can ever be content. I don’t think that’s really in his genetic makeup, and I think that’s what he realized last year. Just realizing it isn’t going to push him toward happiness. I don’t think that’s the natural progression of things. I think he has a lot of revelations, but very few actual changes.

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