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Kanye West’s sex problem

Kanye West is about as subtle as a Range Rover. From the pink-Polo prep of debut “College Dropout” to 2010's ominous “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” each of his albums have arrived with the force and presence of a runaway train, crashing over anything in sight. He has evolved from a producer with a chip on his shoulder to rap royalty through constant challenge and innovation.  Kanye has a penchant for drama, unfortunately for Taylor Swift, but he also has the musical prowess to back his swagger. But an obsession with making his point by denigrating women continues to blunt his impact.

In an interview with the New York Times, the Chicago-bred rapper indicated that his sixth album, “Yeezus,” would provide articulate commentary on race, a subject that he first tackled in College Dropout's "All Falls Down." A Saturday Night Live preview of album cut "New Slaves" demonstrated bold, anti-pop beats rallying against privately owned prisons. It was a perfect opportunity to start a real conversation. Kanye has the audience, he has the gravitas, and he has the intelligence to make people actually listen.

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