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Justin Bieber’s bad week: explained!

It's been a bad week for teen-pop singer Justin Bieber: he fainted at a concert in London, later tweeting a shirtless photo to prove he'd recuperated. This after he showed up two hours late to another concert, tried to bring a bunch of underage teens (including actor Jaden Smith, 14) to a nightclub, and wandered the streets of the British capital in a state of undress.

Teddy Wayne, whose novel The Love Song of Jonny Valentinecame out in January, isn't surprised. Wayne's novel deals with a male pop star who's a bit younger than the 19-year-old Bieber, but who still finds his way to all-night clubs, prescription drugs, and disappointing his fans on a way-too-long tour. The book was written back when Bieber was the apple-cheeked nice boy of pop. He spoke to Salon.

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