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“Justified’s” Joelle Carter on breaking bad

"Justified's" anti-heroine Ava Crowder, played by Joelle Carter, has been breaking bad since the series' second season. An abused wife who shot her husband in self defense, she's since fallen in love with her brother-in-law, the charismatic criminal Boyd (Walton Goggins). When Boyd first moved into her house, she swore she would kick him out if he broke the law, now she's helping him run his business. When she and Boyd first got together, she made him promise not to run whores, now she's a madam, who last season punched one particular prostitute, Ellen May, in the face. Last night, Ava decided that Ellen May knew too much and couldn't be trusted to keep her mouth shut. She and Boyd ordered that Ellen May be killed. Ellen May escaped, but Ava took one more step down a dark road. I spoke with Joelle Carter about the character, her motivations, and whether she's still on the side of good.

What do you make of Ava’s arc at this point? What do you make of her decision to have Ellen May killed?

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