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Johns Hopkins grants antiabortion group official status as campus organization

After previously being denied by the Student Government Association's Senate, an antiabortion group at Johns Hopkins University has been granted official status as a campus organization and will continue to conduct "sidewalk interference" sessions outside clinics, now with possible university funding.

Johns Hopkins announced on Wednesday that the Student Government Association's Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to overturn the earlier decision and grant the group official privileges, such as listings in all university publications and websites and on-campus fundraising opportunities.

The committee's decision coincided with a visit to Johns Hopkins from former Sen. Rick Santorum, who told students: "The vast majority of people who are pro-life are pro-life because they know something scientifically."

Santorum's faith in science only went so far, as he went on to remark that many scientific journals have been "discredited" on climate change: “The bottom line is in the last 15 years the earth is not warm,” Santorum said. “The warmest year was 1998. We have not seen any warming since then. This was somehow lost on the people in this room.”

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