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“Jobs”: That’s the Steve I knew

Ashton Kutcher nailed the portrayal of Steve Jobs in the new film "Jobs."

I feel particularly qualified to review this film since I had been a friend of Steve's for  30 years and had worked with him during the period covered by the film except for the very early days of Apple I and Apple II. I was surprised that I had personally known, and worked with, nearly all the people who were portrayed in the film.

If you are interested in what motivated Steve Jobs, one of the great entrepreneurs of our time, or what he was like, or how he dealt with the people around him, then I highly recommend seeing the movie "Jobs." Director Joshua Michael Stern and his team did exhaustive research into the history of Steve's involvement with Apple, and reviewed hundreds of hours of film featuring Steve. I am convinced that the slight omissions or inconsistencies in the film were only due to the need to keep the flow and pace of the story intact, and not due to errors in research.

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