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Job vacancy: luxury living executive to test “audaciously opulent” things in life

It's either the height of vulgarity or the opportunity of a lifetime: a website that reviews luxury goods and services is advertising for someone to drive the world's most extravagant cars and lounge in the hippest hotels – and be paid for it.

Candidates for the job of luxury living executive must be able to "distinguish between the roar of a Bentley and a Lexus engine, and the touch of cashmere and vicuña", according to the job spec, which insists it is real and not just a PR stunt.

Don't apply if your experience of luxury stretches no further than a Premier Inn. The ideal candidate must also be "familiar with fashion, hospitality, cuisine and technology; and have experience of the luxury market". The salary is not disclosed.

A spokesman for the website said: "We will definitely be appointing someone. It is not a stunt. As for the salary, it is negotiable and we have not set it. There will be an ongoing contract and, depending upon the salary asked for, it can be anything from four days a week to less."

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