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Jhumpa Lahiri: “I feel finished”

Jhumpa Lahiri is setting off on a new phase.

The author, whose new novel "The Lowland" is to be released Sept. 24, told Salon that "the work seems to be moving in a different direction" since she finished writing her last book; "The Lowland," which she conceived of before any of her other three published books, may indeed complete a cycle of sorts. "This is a book that in a way is the book I've been trying to write from the beginning," she told Salon.

Those preceding three books -- two short story collections, "Interpreter of Maladies" and "Unaccustomed Earth," and a novel, "The Namesake" -- all explore the experiences of South Asian immigrants in the northeastern United States. "The Lowland" covers the same ground, but using new tools. The story of a pair of Indian nationals who move to the U.S. is told from their youths, in the politically divided India of the 1960s, to the present day in America. It is hardly easy to move from one nation to another -- and, in "The Lowland," Lahiri's characters seem determined to make it yet more difficult. The novel takes her consistent theme of dislocation to its logical extreme.

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