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Jerry Seinfeld provides an antidote to Jeselnik’s junior-high humor

Welcome to this week’s “Cringe or Binge,” an ongoing series in which media critic Jennifer L. Pozner guides you toward intriguing media… and saves you from the rest.

CRINGE: “The Jeselnik Offensive,” Comedy Central: TV for folks who miss junior high

Last July, journalists, bloggers and comedians spoke out when Daniel Tosh, host of Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0,” advocated the gang rape of his heckler in a comedy club. The incident sparked anintense ongoing conversation about, among other things, the power of comedy to do harm, and whether comedians should consider the impact of their art on their audience and on the larger culture. As a media critic, I collaborated with video remix artist Elisa Kreisinger on a supercut of victim-mocking rape jokes on “Tosh.0,” and suggested that Comedy Central and parent company Viacom grapple with larger questions about programming standards, accountability, and corporate responsibility.

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