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Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman and Richard Kind on stand-up, improv and Jerry Seinfeld

Before he was a writer for the Golden Globe Award-winning show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and before she was on "SNL," Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate were two stand-up comics fighting to establish themselves in Brooklyn. The duo, best friends in real life, have reunited to star in "Obvious Child," Gillian Robespierre's feature film about a Brooklyn comic who undergoes an abortion after having an unplanned pregnancy.

Slate's character, Donna, uses stand-up as a way to cope with and process life, drawing material from (like most comics do) her personal relationships and observations. But when she struggles with a break-up and then the pregnancy, Donna's comedy becomes just as messy.

Although I plan to write a separate post specifically about how "Obvious Child" is a smart and refreshing portrayal of abortion, I also wanted to share the part of my discussion with Slate, Robespierre, Liedman and co-star Richard Kind about how comedy has affected their personal relationships and vice versa. The question opened up a candid conversation about Slate's infamous flub on "SNL," how she found self love again, a common disdain the cast shares for "masturbatory" comics, and why Jerry Seinfeld is the king of observational comedy.

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