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Jennifer Rubin is right

Not content to merely be prodigiously ignorant about, well, everything else, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin has taken up the Kermit Gosnell case as a stick with which to beat Barack Obama. On Fox News Sunday, she even said of the president, "I think he's responsible in some spot -- in some parts" for a criminal case in Pennsylvania that has nothing to do with Obama's own policies. But there was one point she made that rang true (stay with me here).

First, the much-needed fact-check, as ever. Rubin erroneously said on the show, "We have 12 states that have prohibitions on late-term abortions" (the actual number is 41), and that "There's a case from Nebraska that has went its way -- that is at the Supreme Court where we're going to see that." Either she's referring to a case that the Supreme Court heard in 2000, or to a 20-week abortion ban -- well before viability -- Nebraska passed in 2010. There's literally no reason to believe that law will make it to the Supreme Court, because no one has challenged it in court.

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