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Jay-Z is going nuts on Twitter right now

Jay-Z, a day ahead of the official release of his 12th studio album "Magna Carta...Holy Grail," has taken to Twitter this afternoon to field the most random set of comments/questions/musings from fans. The rapper, who has more than 2 million followers but hasn't tweeted anything since June 17, suddenly started responding to fans with mostly "FactsOnly" or "#my laugh," confusing and amusing all of Twitter:

[embedtweet id="354284273269866497"]

[embedtweet id="354282274990206977"]

[embedtweet id="354287003455586304"]

[embedtweet id="354282948922580992"]

[embedtweet id="354274950753951746"]

[embedtweet id="354288065348513793"]

[embedtweet id="354281383511855106"]

[embedtweet id="354280504717094912"]

[embedtweet id="354286608498950144"]

This is probably the most exciting non-music thing Hov has done since he rode the subway with a cute lady named Ellen Grossman.

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