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James Franco’s bad rape joke

In between the bizarre homophobia and lazy jokes of the “Celebrity Roast of James Franco,” the dubious honoree managed to out-lazy everyone else with his terrible rebuttal: a bad rape joke aimed at Seth Rogen.

Here’s Franco’s joke:

Seth was really hilarious tonight. But the jokes suggesting that I was gay ... coming from you, Seth, really hurts because it reminds of the time on the set of 'Pineapple Express' when Seth Rogen tried to rape me. [Rogen laughs, then shakes his head, gesturing discomfort] Forced his way into my dressing room, blew pot smoke into my mouth, [Franco laughs] pinned me beneath his sweaty, heaving, schlubby body. Luckily, he was distracted by the sound of an ice cream truck outside and I managed to break free. But Seth, the incident did inspire my latest painting, entitled, "Seth Rogen is a Gay Stoner Rapist."

The butt of the joke is Rogen, but what's actually being mocked here? That Rogen is fat? That Rogen is gay? That Rogen, a fat, possibly gay man, enjoys raping people? I mean, Franco more or less spells out his punch line for us: "Seth Rogen is a Gay Stoner Rapist."

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