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I’ve missed you, “Bunheads”!

“Bunheads,” the strangest, most flawed show I am totally head-over-heels for,returns for the second half of its first season tonight on ABC Family. As if to pat us all on the head for waiting patiently, it contains an extended scene of a terrible, depressing, Nevada-based magic show, an Auto-Tune-the-news-style viral video about a mass-macing incident, and a scene that takes place inside a cardboard box that has been wired for electricity and remodeled to look almost exactly like Madam Fanny’s kitchen, except a little smaller. Also, it made me cry. Welcome back, “Bunheads.” Missed u!

When we last left “Bunheads,” Michelle (Sutton Foster) was being run out of town, having accidentally maced a roomful of children just trying to put on a production of "The Nutcracker." Since the show is called “Bunheads,” and not “Caustic and Lonely Middle Aged Woman With Great Legs Tries to Survive in the Las Vegas Area,” the first episode picks up a few months later, at the end of summer vacation, and deftly locates Michelle — now working as a magician’s assistant and living on a friend’s couch, eating all her hummus — and conspires to bring her back to Paradise, Calif., and her bunheads. (For those keeping score, over the summer, Ginny — aka the bunhead who looks like a mini-Megan Hilty — has emerged as the best actress of the bunch, by many grand jetés.)

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