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Is it time for the NYPD to investigate bike accidents?

If you knew you were going to be struck and killed by a car in New York City this year, would you trust New York’s Finest to get to the bottom of things? If not, you’re not alone.

Time’s Up, a New York City environmental group, is collecting online living wills from cyclists and pedestrians who are asking the New York Police Department to conduct full investigations in the event that they killed by a motorist. The project, dubbed “My Living Street Will,” was launched on March 19 and is hosting a growing number of statements from everyday New Yorkers who navigate the city’s streets on two wheels or two feet.

Keegan Stephan, a Brooklyn-based cyclist and Time’s Up volunteer, said the idea grew out of a planning meeting in which he and other volunteers were trying to figure out ways to increase awareness about the dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians.

“We really just want New Yorkers to wake up to traffic violence,” he said.

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