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It is not crazy to wonder if Google Glass would have saved Trayvon Martin

"What if Trayvon Martin was wearing Google Glasses?" Intentional or not, the headline on Eric Kuhn's speculative hypothesis at Medium was sure to push buttons. A gross miscarriage of justice sucker punches the nation in its gut, and here's some guy wondering if a $1500 piece of technology beloved by male white tech geek douchebags could have prevented the tragic killing of a poor black kid. Could one be any more wildly offensive?

And yet, there is a still a question worth asking here. Since at least as far back as 1991, when George Holliday recorded the vicious beating of Rodney King on his new video camera, we've understood that the falling cost of technological advances can give some measure of power back to the people. The concept of "excessive force" always comes across more vividly when caught on video. Cops, in particular, don't like being caught in the act of abusing their authority. It is a cliché, now, to see people whip out their phones and start recording at any clash between the powerless and powerful.

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