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The IRS spent nearly $60,000 in taxpayer funds on “Star Trek” parody video

In 2010, the IRS boldly went "where no government employee has gone before" when it produced a six-minute "Star Trek" parody video, designed to train IRS employees about how to act in B-rated comedy  leadership.

It begins with the following monologue:

"Space: the final frontier
These are the voyagers of the Starship Enterprise Y
Its never-ending mission is to seek out new tax forms
To explore strange new regulations
To boldly go where no government employee has gone before."

The video, which features affectless government employees doubling as fist-bumping crew members headed toward planet Notax, is hilarious and jarring and so bad that it's good until you realize that the government agency paid for the video, along with another spoof of "Gilligan's Island," with $60,000 in taxpayer funds for production alone. And then, it's angering.

From CBS, who first obtained the video:

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