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Inside Uganda’s anti-gay evangelical crusade

There are few places on earth as inhospitable to gays as Uganda. The nation is weighing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which would punish homosexual acts with draconian punishments.

And the situation's only been exacerbated by American evangelicals preaching anti-gay dogma in Uganda. Rushing into the vacuum left by the collapse of Idi Amin's regime in 1979. Roger Ross Williams's new documentary, "God Loves Uganda," depicts the process by which American proselytizers have taught anti-gay hatred to the people of Uganda. Characters in the film include Scott Lively, the author of anti-gay screed "The Pink Swastika"; Jono Hall, a media trainer teaching students at the International House of Prayer how to make multimedia production; and Jo Anna Watson, a mentor to young prospective missionaries to Uganda.

These adults are putting into practice across Uganda an aggressive campaign, bolstered by tried-and-true evangelical techniques that have come to be less effective in the U.S.

Williams is hardly new to directing: his last film, "Music by Prudence," won him an Oscar in 2010; his speech was hijacked by Elinor Burkett, a producer whose relationship with the production had ended acrimoniously. The director hopes for a second Academy Award and a second shot at an acceptance speech, he told Salon: "It would mean vindication."

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