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I’m 18 and angry!


Hello. I am 18 and I hate my life. I'm dead living in flesh. I have a lot of sex with people but I never get what I actually want or who I fall for. I only smoke weed, watch some videos and sleep. I am very very very angry with everyone, for no reason. Well, actually, some reasons maybe. I am gay. I don't know what else. I am very indecisive and no motivation what so ever.

18 and Angry

Dear 18 and Angry,

You are going to be loved. You will get what you want in life. You don't have to do anything about that right this minute. For now, just accept that it is true. Your feelings of anger are going to pass. You will be loved for who you are.

Now here is what I want you to do.

Sit quietly. If you are on the street find a place to sit. If you are with a group of friends, go to another room and do this. Sit quietly. Look around you. See what is around you. If you are inside, see what is in the room. Take a minute to do this. Notice all the things in the room. Notice what color they are, what they are made of. If you are outside, notice the things around you, the plants, the sky.

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