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I can’t go for that: The case against Hall & Oates

In the March 1987 issue of Penthouse, Daryl Hall, the blond-headed and non-luxuriously-mustachioed half of the pop duo Hall & Oates, explained his interest in the dark arts: “Around 1974, I graduated into the occult, and spent a solid six or seven years immersed in the Kabbala and the Chaldean, Celtic, and Druidic traditions (and) ancient techniques for focusing the inner flame, the will that can create unimagined things and truly transform your individual universe.”

Hall also revealed that his great-great-grandfather was a warlock, then placed himself in a lineage of noted satanist Aleister Crowley: “I was fascinated with him because his personality was the late 19th-century equivalent of mine — a person brought up in a conventionally religious family who did everything he could to outrage the people around him as well as himself.”

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