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Howard Kurtz apologizes for reporting error on “Reliable Sources”

In a special segment of CNN's "Reliable Sources" this week, a show devoted to media criticism, host and not-entirely-reliable journalist Howard Kurtz put himself in the hot seat. Kurtz, to his credit, endured a 15-minute examination from NPR’s David Folkenflik and Politico's Dylan Byers, who took Kurtz to task for egregiously incorrect accusations against recently-out NBA center Jason Collins.

Kurtz, who issued an incomplete correction to the story that was later pulled from The Daily Beast, has since "parted ways" with the site, though he maintains that the departure was not related to his recent column.

Kurtz opened the program saying, "This show has always been about turning a critical lens on the media. This time the media mistake was mine — a big mistake, more than one in fact.”

He continued:

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