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How to work with an illustrator

Dear Cary,

I want to write a book with a comedic slant about my experiences with a very difficult life situation.  I want my experiences to be conveyed at least partly in the form of a comic strip.  

The problem is, I can't draw.  My stick figures are even bad.  So I've been stuck for a long time on how to go about finding an illustrator, how much to pay, should there be a contract and what would that look like, etc.  Then there is the problem of formatting the book, which I suppose is tricky if it is illustrated.  Black-and-white or color?  And should it be a printed book, and if so, how to go about publishing a printed book nowadays?  Or should it be an e-book, and how does that work?  

This project is so important to me that it feels like something that I not only want to do, but have to do.  But I'm bogged down with all the procedural and detail stuff. The more I research and learn, the more overwhelmed I feel, and then I just shut down.

I would be very appreciative if you could help me!

Looking for an Illustrator

Dear Looking,

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