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How to tell if a TV actor is bad: the dude edition

Over the weekend I wrote a piece about IDing a certain kind of bad actor, not the over-actor, who chews up all the scenery, but the under-actor, who quietly, steadfastly projects no inner life. It’s just two steps— is it possible to imagine the inner life of this character? If no, is it possible to imagine the inner life of the characters surrounding him or her?— and its named after “Friday Night Light’s” Julie Taylor, who was secretly, innocuously so much worse than her great co-stars.

In the comments and on twitter, it was rightfully pointed out that my list did not have any men on it, except Jeremy Piven, a classic example of an over-actor (at least in his post-“Entourage” years).  Are men not bad actors too? Obviously, yes, they are. (Though I do think that because the world is unjust, male actors are often given more to do and so just by dint of screen time can come across more strongly than their female counterparts: See Rick Grimes on “The Walking Dead,” for example.) So, to toss out a few names in the interest of gender-balanced snark, here are some dudes who fail the Julie Taylor test as well.

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