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How to shut down a boor?

Dear Cary,

My son, an all-around good guy, who recently graduated from high school, has been dating a wonderful girl for the past year, who is one year his junior. His girlfriend doesn't drive yet, so about once or twice a week, the girlfriend's mother drops off her daughter to visit my son at our house. Each time the mother drops off her daughter, I usually make it a point to chat briefly with the mom at the door, but even after months of trying to kindle a friendly connection, the mother always appears stiff and uncomfortable around me. I should note that this seems to be the case ever since my son did not get accepted into a local college that he applied to, and is now attending a community college. The mother has told me on numerous occasions that she herself attended an Ivy League school, and that she wants the same education for her daughter, and has also implied that my son isn't quite up to her standards, even though he's a total sweetheart to her daughter, and got great grades in high school.

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