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How to ruin Christmas: A holiday guide to arguing with conservative relatives

Happy holidays, fellow soldiers in the War on Christmas. It is the time of year when many Americans are expected to spend some time with people they are related to. Maybe some of the people you are related to listen to talk radio or read Twitchy. That doesn't have to be a problem — as always, the first rule of arguing politics over the holidays is never ever do it ever — but if some things come up, and you want to have your say, perhaps you need some help countering the easily digestible sound bytes of the conservative media machine. Here is a guide.

It has only been a few weeks since the last holiday argument guide, but in those weeks the right has moved on from criticizing the nationwide launch of a complex series of health insurance markets to ... complaining about the persecution of a homophobic television character and making fun of a stock photo model. So let's move on with them, I guess.

The Duck guys have been silenced by liberal fascism

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