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How Jack Donaghy won and influenced people

Jack Donaghy was the best worst CEO (his every idea tanked — well, "Homonyms" worked in Iran. And, oh, how I wished "MILF Island" were a real show). And maybe he wasn't the best ex-husband, either — his first ex-wife, Bianca, certainly didn't think so when she filed for divorce and he vindictively demanded she return all of his love letters to her, all of her parents' love letters, all of the art supplies he bought for her on her 40th birthday, and the subsequent projects she made with them. But he was as devoted to the mother he loathed as he was to the political party he loved (the GOP, naturally). And he would do anything for GE, even run a network into the ground and take on a mess of a mentee like Liz Lemon, who he came to love. Why? Because the self-possessed, paternalistic, perfectly coiffed neocon loved nothing more than dispensing advice — and he believed she needed it most. After seven seasons, we will miss hearing his unsolicited opinions, that's for sure. Here are his most memorable bits of counsel:

Jack Donaghy, on life:

Never go with a hippie to a second location.

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