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How Groupon Bounced Back

Back in February, Groupon threw out then–CEO Andrew Mason. A few weeks before that, he had talked to Fast Company and explained that "in the first phase of our company, we were a glorified mailing list." After the ousting––complete with inscrutable Nintendo reference––Mason went on to make a "business rock" album. Meanwhile, Groupon went on to turn itself around. . . .

To the tune of a quadrupled stock price. Clearly not the same as its IPO glory days, but decidedly not dead. So what happened?

From push to pull

Under the leadership of now–CEO Eric Lefkosky, the Chicago startup has found a new path for dealing with deals, moving their focus to something called "mobile," where we hear a lot of business is being done these days. In so doing, Groupon has changed the way it courts its customers. Wired's Marcus Wohlsen shows the shift as such:

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