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How to fight sexism in the toy aisle

If you've been in the toy aisles recently – and if you have children in your life, odds are good you have – you are well-acquainted with the ludicrous cultural shift between the zones for boys and those for girls. Boy world is colorful and full of action. Girl world is pink and full of tiaras. But take heart, traditional sex role subverting families -- 2014 might be the year that finally changes for good. The British retail chain Marks & Spencer has announced that in the new year, it will do away with gender distinctions for its toys.

The move has come in response to customer complaints about the retailer's "Boys' Stuff" featuring "planes, cars, dinosaurs and racing cars" and its "Girls'" with "dolls and accessories." M&S now says, "We offer a wide range of fun and educational toys, which are designed to appeal to children regardless of gender. We have listened carefully to feedback from our customers and by spring next year all of our toys will be gender neutral."

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