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How corporations hijack government, with GOP help, in the name of creating jobs

After being swept into statehouses in the red wave of 2010, Republican governors Scott Walker, John Kasich, and Terry Branstad each presided over the replacement of a state agency responsible for economic development with a less public, more private alternative. Arizona’s Jan Brewer, did the same in 2010 after replacing Janet Napolitano, who'd been tapped for Obama's cabinet.  Walker’s Wisconsin, Kasich’s Ohio, Branstad’s Iowa, and Brewer’s Arizona were only the latest to institute a “public-private partnership” approach to development: states including Indiana, Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Texas had done the same years earlier. Now North Carolina’s Pat McCrory, who entered the governor’s mansion in January, aims to do the same. A new report from a progressive group warns that means good news for the wealthy and politically-connected, but bad news for just about everyone else.

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