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Horse_ebooks is retiring from Twitter

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Horse_ebooks is "a full-time Internet" no more. The bizarre, hilarious Twitter account, which has amassed more than 200,000 followers, inspired fan art, yearbook quotes, memes and helped people find true love was, for a long time, the epitome of Internet-based humor. Until today, the world believed Horse_ebooks to be a Russian spambot used to sell bizarrely specific eBooks on horses, by chopping up text and spewing nonsensical statements:

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In 2012, Gawker's Adrian Chen traced the origins of the Twitter account to Russian web developer Alexey Kouznetsov, who owns a network of spambots. But in a post on the New Yorker's Web site today, writer Susan Orlean reveals that Horse_ebooks has been maintained by two men: Jacob Bakkila and Thomas Bender, along with a sister YouTube channel, Pronunciation Book, who acquired the account from Kouznetsov in 2011. Both men work at Buzzfeed.

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