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“Homeland” recap: The return of Brody

Last season, in a line we now hear weekly in "Homeland’s" opening credits, Saul Berenson declared Carrie Mathison “the smartest and the dumbest [bleep]ing person I’ve ever known.”

That same description also frequently applies to "Homeland" the series, and certainly seems an apt description of Sunday’s episode, “The Red Wheel Barrow,” which was very smart and also a little dumb. Sometimes, it was both things in the same scene.

On the smart side: this week’s installment did a fine job of adjusting the levels on several plot threads in a way that cranked the volume on the key question of season three: can Brody (and, by extension, Carrie and Saul) be exonerated in connection with the Langley bombing? The way all roads eventually led back to Brody -- who finally returned to the screen, in even more mouth-agape, strung-out shape than we last saw him -- made one wish it were possible to immediately binge-watch the remainder of season three.

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