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A hodgepodge of a column

Dear Reader,

Over this Fourth of July holiday I have been feeling very patriotic. When I feel patriotic, my ordinary life takes on newly grave purpose, as everything I do now, I do for the nation! In that spirit, I wish to announce over the loudspeaker that this is going to be a crazy, strange and wide-ranging column, a hodgepodge and a miscellany in the spirit of America, our hodgepodge and miscellany of a nation.

First the announcement: Norma and I leave July 11 for Tuscany and Amsterdam where I will be leading writing workshops. The column will appear sporadically for a few weeks. I'd like to keep it going at the rate of perhaps one column a week through Aug. 2. Please do expect some downtime. I will try to stay in touch through Twitter and Facebook.

Much excited about the trip, my love to all, do stay in touch.

Now, this involves a former column. Someone writes to say, here is my situation, and by the way, would you please publish the out-takes from a previous column, which I'm doing, along with a voluminous preface and explanation, and some characteristic rambling and meandering and passionate sputtering.

First, the letter:--ct

Hi Cary,

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