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Hip-hop doesn’t need another white savior

I proudly affirm myself as a feminist woman, even though the oft-dreaded "F" word often evokes volatile, visceral responses. I believe that all women, including women of color, lesbians, and trans women, deserve access to the same rights, liberties, and resources as men. There are times, however, when I question whether or not I’m meant to be part of the “Feminist Movement” or if I want to defend what others call “feminism.”

Most recently, I found myself conflicted when singer Lily Allen released a video for her newest single, “Hard Out Here,” which many are claiming is a modern feminist anthem. I definitely align with those who disagree with this assertion, as I don’t think it represents my feminism. (In my early discussions about Ms. Allen’s video, I noted that there were several Black women who didn’t see any problem with it. The beauty of art is that it is left up to the consumer’s interpretation and the interpretation I present is merely my own.)

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