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The hidden clues to “Breaking Bad’s” meaning

At the end of "Breaking Bad's" five-season run, I, like so many others, have turned to the Internet to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from this remarkably rich series. Redditors in particular have long been poring over the subtle callbacks and visual motifs that have become "Breaking Bad's" signature, compiling a virtual archive of many details that I, for one, missed on my first viewing. (This piece is much indebted to the  Redditors' keen eyes.) Much has been made, for example, of Season 2's pink teddy bear, which, having fallen in the wreckage of Wayfarer 515, haunts the show as a constant reminder of the chaos wrought by Walter White.  These Easter eggs are a reward to dedicated fans and a boon to television theorists who read them as messages from Vince Gilligan himself. But they're also invitations for an ethical interpretation of a show based around the effects of violence.

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