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“Her”: An unforgettable man-machine love affair

Before we even get to Spike Jonze’s melancholy, delicate and eerie love story “Her” — which isn’t like any other movie you’ll see this year, or ever — can we just agree to give Amy Adams all the acting awards and move on from there? Adams doesn’t have a large part in “Her,” playing a nerdy, lonely and misunderstood game designer named Amy who is old friends with Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), the movie’s equally nerdy and lonely protagonist. But in ways that aren’t obvious at first, Amy (and Adams’ performance) is emotionally central to “Her,” preventing this near-future fable of a human-machine love affair from drifting off into the digital ether. You can barely recognize her as the same actress who plays a self-invented sexpot con artist in David O. Russell’s “American Hustle.”

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